Senator Kari Lake? MAGA Star Tied With Ruben Gallego In Hypothetical Three-Way Matchup With Kyrsten Sinema For AZ Senate Seat

For those who love liberty, there is exciting news coming out of Arizona.

President Trump endorsed Kari Lake is tied with Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) in a three-way hypothetical matchup with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) for Arizona’s Senate seat, a recent poll shows.

Sinema, who recently turned independent, is surprisingly polling well below Lake, who is tied with Democrat Gallego in a potential three-way race for the highly contested battleground Arizona Senate seat in 2024.

According to Normington Petts, a Democrat-oriented polling organization, Lake is tied with Gallego at 36 percent. Sinema comes in third place with 24 percent.

The polling shows Sinema running as an independent could reduce Gallego’s chances of defeating a Republican challenger. 

“Importantly, Sinema takes more vote away from Gallego (14 points) than she does Lake (9 points). While Sinema has no clear path to victory, she can stand in the way of Gallego,” the poll explained.

“Sinema pulls more vote away from Gallego than she does from Lake. With no reasonable path to victory, Sinema can do no more than spoil the race for Gallego.”

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