Disney Caves – Pulls ‘Simpsons’ Episode Referencing ‘Forced Labor Camps’ In China

In an apparent self-imposed cancel-culture decision, woke Disney will not show a scene mentioning “forced labor camps” in mainland China on Disney+ in Hong Kong.

The former happiest place on Earth is officially set to censor its second episode in the latest season of The Simpsons in Hong Kong because of a scene critical of China, according to CNN.

Apparently offending the Chinese Communist Party’s censors, the new episode contains a scene with Marge Simpson—the show’s matriarch—on a spin bike, watching a virtual instructor.

“Behold the wonders of China,” the instructor says at one point. “Bitcoin mines, forced labor camps where children make smartphones, and romance.”

The line references accusations of China’s human rights abuses in the region of Xinjiang, where minorities and dissidents—particularly the Uighurs of western China—are allegedly forced to labor in internment camps.

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