Trump Dominates CNN Townhall Event

Former President Donald Trump ran circles around CNN’s Kaitlan Collins during Wednesday’s Townhall event in New Hampshire.

Trump received a standing ovation at his introduction.

The popular MAGA leader dismissed Collins’ politically biased and outdated questions, in effect reducing her role as the moderator by speaking directly to the audience about the “gotcha” topics a visibly irritated Collins continually posed throughout the night.
Collins brought: January 6. 

“Do you have any regrets about your actions on January 6?” she asked, as Trump walked through exactly how that day went, beginning with a peaceful rally. 

“I said, walk peacefully and patriotically, you know, many different things. In fact, I brought a list of things —  I don’t want to bore the audience, but we can go sentence after sentence after sentence of things,” he said

“I offered them National Guard, I said. We’ll give you soldiers. We’ll give you a National Guard. We’ll give you whatever you want. And they turned me down.”

“Yeah. And in fact … she turned me down in writing. They turned me down,” he said, as Collins continued to argue with him. That prompted Trump to show receipts, literally pulling out pieces of paper and reading exactly what he wrote that day and at what time — a move the audience visibly enjoyed and cheered for.”

“On January 5, the day before, I said please support our Capitol police and law enforcement. They are truly on the side of our country. Stay peaceful. Stay peaceful. This was the day before and this was in the form of Twitter —  now use Truth. Truth Social–  I think it’s far superior,” Trump said.

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