Politico – Anti-Trump GOP Forces Will Implode

Politico’s Jonathan Martin wrote in a Friday column that Republican lawmakers, donors, and strategists most eager to stop Trump are depending on a plan that’s “more fantasy than strategy.”

The columnist said those GOP power brokers have said that an early presidential nominee contender will become clear in the national polls and early state primaries, and lagging candidates then will be convinced to bow out and support the strongest alternative to the former president.

“Such a plot always struck me as a bit far-fetched, for starters because politicians aren’t known for putting party ahead of self,” Martin wrote. “Yet the appetite among elite Republicans to move past Trump was and is so immense I thought there could at least be a do-the-right-thing effort.

“If Trump does emerge as the GOP standard bearer next year we will look back on this week to grasp why, just like in 2016, he was able to take advantage of a divided opposition.”

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