‘I pledge allegiance to the queers’: California teacher sparks outrage by getting students to pledge allegiance to gay pride flag – as school board launches investigation

  • Kristin Pitzen posted a TikTok saying American flag made her ‘uncomfortable’ so got her students to say the pledge to the gay pride one she had hanging instead
  • Pitzen implied she lost the American flag on purpose, prompting the school district to open an investigation
  • She is a high school English teacher at the Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, California
  • Pitzen sparked outrage with the move with many asking why 
  • The post received a host of polarizing reactions and some commended her while others questioned why she lives in America 

California high school teacher is being investigated by the school board after she revealed she’d got her students to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag instead of the American one.

Kristin Pitzen, of Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, posted a video to TikTok, where she admitted she’d removed the American flag because it made her ‘uncomfortable’.

When one of her English class students pointed out it was missing during the Pledge of Allegiance, she told them to recite the pledge to the only flag she did have hanging in her classroom – the gay pride flag.

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