Dr. Fauci is Under Fire Again for ‘Dumbass’ Advice He Gave to Biden on Omicron Variant

Dr. Fauci is the world record holder for stupid advice on Covid that either makes zero sense or is proven wrong within months, sometimes weeks, occasionally days, and on rare occasion, hours.

The latest head-slapper is Biden’s backstory on his racistxenophobic, perfectly acceptable travel ban on South Africa and seven other African countries.

Biden claims Dr. Fauci told him not to implement such a travel ban right after news first broke on a new Xi Omicron variant detected in Botswana and then in South Africa.

“President Biden said Friday that he delayed implementation of a new ban on travel from southern Africa on the advice of his medical advisers, who are led by Dr. Anthony Fauci,” the NY Post reported.

A reporter asked Biden why the emergency precaution was being delayed until Monday, rather than immediately if Omicron posed a threat to public safety.

“Why not do it now like other countries have done?” Biden was asked in Nantucket.

“Because that was the recommendation coming from my medical team,”he replied. Dr. Fauci, who is Biden’s chief medical adviser, gave the president a half-hour briefing on the variant on Friday.

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