WOW: Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill To Award Kyle Rittenhouse With Congressional Gold Medal

In a move that is triggering leftists like never before, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced a bill that aims to give Kyle Rittenhouse a Congressional Gold Medal.

Kyle was slandered as a “murderous white supremacist” by Democrats over the past year, and they were absolutely devastated when he became a free man.

Now, Greene is aiming to rub salt in their wounds.

The new bill simply reads:

“H.R.6070 – To award a Congressional Gold Medal to Kyle H. Rittenhouse, who protected the community of Kenosha, Wisconsin, during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) riot on August 25, 2020.”


As Fox News points out, “the bill is likely symbolic and unlikely to succeed because Democrats control both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Bills for Congressional Gold Medals have to be co-sponsored by two-thirds of both chambers, according to the Post. The bill didn’t have any co-sponsors yet as of Friday.”

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