Kamala Harris Was Apparently Caught Off-Guard When Asked What Her Biggest Accomplishment is So Far. Her Response is Hilarious

Kamala Harris may be the least effective vice president in generations. She was made a “border czar” and has failed in spectacular fashion. She has protracted an internal feud with the Bidens by leaking hit pieces to CNN and the New York Times. She is President of the Senate and a deciding vote on 50-50 issues, yet has soured relations with key Democratic senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, dooming much of the Biden agenda.

Harris is also one of the least popular vice presidents in recent memory. Multiple staff have fled from her inner circle in just her first year in office. Despite only gaining around six percent of support in the South Carolina primary race during the Democratic presidential campaign, thereby pushing her to drop out, she has insisted on a coronation from the Biden White House to become the 2024 presidential nominee. Suffice it to say, Kamala Harris’s vice presidency has been an utter disaster.

So, when Harris was recently confronted by Margaret Brennan of “Face the Nation” to list her greatest accomplishment thus far in office, the response is a hilarious and instructive one.


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