That Cringe White House Video with Dancing Nurses Has a Really Dark Backstory

It’s Christmas. If you are living in the United States under a Democratic president, that doesn’t mean wishing the American people ‘Merry Christmas.’ Or messages about the sacred Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus.

What it means are hyper-politicized messages that seek to hijack the holiday and put it in the service of the left’s radical agenda. In 2021, that means dragging out the Covid pandemic and bullying Americans into getting a “booster.”

A “booster,” in case one hasn’t noticed, is a tacit admission of failure. It is a silent concession that the “vaccines” that were once touted as “100% safe and effective” have failed to stop infections and the spread of Covid-19 variants.

That isn’t to say that there may be no place for them for certain at-risk people. They act as one set of a number of health tools, such as therapeutics, vitamin D, and exercise, which people can also turn to in order to lower their risk.

The White House, however, believes otherwise. Only the “vaccines” matter. Even if you’re young and healthy and statistically at 0.00005% risk (literally) from Covid-19. And that’s where the cringe, dystopian videos come in.

The most infamous of these recent videos was the White House’s “dancing nurses” video, featuring a cameo from none other than Joe Biden and “doctor” Jill Biden.

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