WATCH – Woman Attacks Man On Flight For Not Wearing His Mask – After He Tells Her: ‘Sit Down Karen!’

A disturbing trend seen during the 2 years of COVID-19, is self-imposed permissions by radicals, to force others to submit to the “will of the collective”, by any means necessary.

Their fascist actions are similar to those brainwashed in the dystopian movie 1984 and by citizens who lived under Adolph Hitler and Mao Zedong’s dictatorships.

Last Wednesday a COVID Nazi, this time a woman, was taken into FBI custody after she verbally and physically attacked a man onboard a Delta flight from Tampa Bay, Florida, to Atlanta, Georgia, according to the Daily Mail.

The mid-flight confrontation allegedly escalated over an argument about face masks despite both passengers not wearing a mask or not wearing a face-covering properly.

What is interesting, is even though In January, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a “zero tolerance policy”, the mask fanatics still violate the laws anyway.

The video, with now over 7 million views on Twitter, shows the woman wearing a mask on her chin and standing in the plane’s aisle mid-flight. She is getting in the face of the older man who is sitting down in his seat.

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