Straight Talk! Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests ‘National Divorce’ Between Red And Blue States

Without a doubt, the United States Of American is no longer “United”.

Progressive governors in California, New York, and Illinois, to name a few, are under the impression that because their states have large economies and populations, they can govern as separate Marxist nations.

Since these states don’t want to function as part of our union, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and others have renewed calls for a “national divorce” between red and blue states.

Greene is arguing that Americans who move to conservative states from California and New York should have a “cooling off” period before being allowed to vote.

The straight speaking, and thus highly disliked by the left, GOP congresswoman tweeted her comment Wednesday in response to a thread from a man who said he was moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Miami and was wary of Florida politics.

Greene, 47, agreed with a Twitter user who supported “discriminating against transplants” by imposing a “sin” tax on them and banning them from the polls “for a period.”

“All possible in a National Divorce scenario,” Greene wrote. “After Democrat voters and big donors ruin a state like California, you would think it wise to stop them from doing it to another great state like Florida. Brainwashed people that move from CA and NY really need a cooling off period.”

In October, Greene conducted a Twitter survey to gauge people’s interest in a “national divorce” between Republican- and Democratic-leaning states. The poll found 48 percent of people wanted the US to stay together, while 43 percent called for a political division and 9 percent were undecided. Greene celebrated those who voted to divide the country.

“So many people tell me daily how devastated they are over the state of our union on every level, and I completely share their utter disgust and heartbreak for the condition of our country,” Greene wrote in October. “National Divorce is talked about often privately, but not publicly, so I took a poll.”

One thing we must all agree on, something has to change.

Since radicals like Governor Newsome (D-CA) will be not be moving the Golden State back to operating as part of our Constitutional Republic, we must deconstruct our federal government, moving everything back to the states.

Then states can be governed in line with the desires of the citizenry.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show.

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