Pipeline To Russia – Trump ‘I Shut It Down,’ Then Biden ‘Opened It Up’

During his entire four years in office, Former President Donald J. Trump fought the world establishment. He angered globalists by pulling out of the Paris Accord, walking away from the Iranian nuclear deal, adding/increasing tariffs on Chinese products, and for preventing Russia from supplying more gas to Europe, especially Germany.

In December 2019 President Donald Trump approved sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2. Trump followed up by signing a law that imposed sanctions on any firm that helps Russia’s state-owned gas company, Gazprom, finish a pipeline into the European Union.

The sanctions targeted firms building Nord Stream 2, an undersea pipeline that will allow Russia to increase gas exports to Germany. The US considered the project a security risk to Europe.

In August 2020, Germany leadership was triggered by a letter sent by three Trump-supporting U.S. senators to a Baltic Sea port operator in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s home constituency, threatening the port’s managers with “crushing legal and economic sanctions” if they continue to support the project servicing the Russian ships laying the pipe.

The German reaction was fast and furious. Manuela Schwesig, the premier of the state where the port is based, called the letter from Washington “blackmail,” while Jürgen Trittin, a prominent Green, said it amounts to a “declaration of economic war.”

May 19, 2021, The U.S. waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the Biden administration had waived sanctions on the company behind Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany and its chief executive, a move decried by critics of the project in Congress.

8 Mar 2022, Former GOP President Donald Trump is bashing President Joe Biden for enabling Russian President Vladimir Putin by opening up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for Russians to pump natural gas into western Europe — something Trump blocked during his presidency.

Trump appeared on Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s Real America podcast, which the RNC provided to Breitbart News exclusively on Tuesday evening.

“There was never anybody tougher on Russia than I was,” Trump said in the interview with McDaniel. “And I would say that Putin would, if he was being honest, he would say that the sanctions I put on — I was the one that ended Nord Stream. There was never anybody even close. I mean, Nord Stream 2 was the biggest thing. Nobody ever even heard of it until I came along and complained. And then I shut it down, and there was never anything so big that happened to Russia than shutting down Nord Stream 2. And then Biden came in and he opened it up almost immediately. I couldn’t believe it. And now we are where we are. It’s a disgrace. The other thing we are, and were just a little while ago, energy independent. We were producing more energy by far than Russia or Saudi Arabia. We were going to be double the size of both in a very short period of time, probably within 12 months. But we were energy independent for the first time in more than 72 years. And that was a killer for Russia because we brought the price of energy down. We were down at $30 a barrel, $32 a barrel, $40 a barrel. And actually much less than that for a period of time. And nobody had ever seen anything. And that was certainly tough for Russia and other countries because they had to go out and they had to compete with those prices. And now they’re making a fortune with what’s going on, and we’re buying energy from Russia.”


Later in the interview, Trump insisted Republicans have a “big obligation” to “straighten out the country” from the “mess” that Democrats and Biden have created.

When you talk inflation, when talk the border, when you talk about the wall, all of these things — the wall could have been finished in three weeks,” Trump said. “It had such an impact because we built 500 miles of wall and we had the best numbers on the border we’ve ever had, and the drug numbers were the lowest we’ve ever recorded. They’ve been recording them for a long time, but we were stopping the drug traffic to a large extent. We’ve never had a southern border as good, and now it’s the worst it’s ever been. Whether it’s human trafficking, whether it’s drugs, whether it’s people coming across, it’s by far the worst it’s ever been. Every single thing we have is in bad shape. The military has become woke — we have great generals, but not the guys you see on television that took out ISIS, 100 percent of the ISIS caliphate — we got Al-Baghdadi. Nobody has done the job we had done, and now every single thing — inflating is totally self-inflicted. I think inflation is largely because of the energy. It’s gone up so much that the bacon goes up with it. Every single thing you do, whether it’s the trucks or the machines you use to make a product or whatever it may be — the planes that fly it to a destination — everything is related to energy. It’s so bad. Energy has doubled and tripled — and it’s going to be tripled and quadrupled.”

Their two world views of Trump and Biden could not be more at odds but are emblematic of the U.S. population as a whole.

This is why I have been referring to the former U.S.A as the Divided States Of America.

The only way to restore our Constitutional Republic is to deconstruct our massive federal government, sending everything back to the states. Then people could choose where to live based on the identifiable characters and world view of each town and city.

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