Michigan Election Official Charged with Ballot Tampering, Stopping Votes from Being Counted

An elections official in a Michigan city is now charged with tampering with ballots so they couldn’t be counted in a 2020 race she narrowly won and could spend five years in prison on each of two felony charges. Nothing to see here!

The case of Kathy Funk hardly represents large-scale election fraud, but it’s illustrative of how this isn’t an imaginary phenomenon constructed by far-right fabulists. So it might not be a surprise that the charges against Funk aren’t going to get much coverage in the mainstream media.

According to a report by MLive-The Flint Journal, Funk was the township clerk in Flint Township, Michigan, running for reelection as a Democrat back in 2020, and oversaw the election as well.

Public broadcaster Michigan Radio reported that during the August primary, Funk reported a break-in at the township’s offices to police, telling them that the seal on a ballot container was broken.

But, after an investigation by the Michigan State Police, the office of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel came to a different conclusion: Funk had broken the seal herself.

“The Department of Attorney General alleges Funk purposely broke a seal on a ballot container so that the votes inside, under Michigan Election Law, could not be counted in an anticipated recount,” the Michigan Department of Attorney General said in a Friday statement.

“Funk was running for re-election, and narrowly prevailed in the unofficial count.”

Funk would eventually defeat challenger Manya Triplett by a margin of 2,698 votes to 2,619.

Triplett was told the break-in prevented any recount, given the tampering with the ballot boxes, according to the report.

Funk now faces felony charges of ballot tampering and misconduct in office, both of which carry potential five-year sentences if she’s convicted.

She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Monday, according to MLive.

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