Tucker Carlson Absolutely Shreds And Exposes Miami’s RINO Rep. Maria Salazar – VIDEO

Tucker Carlson has emerged as one of the most intelligent, sane, and important media figures in recent times. His nightly monologue has reached required-viewing status if you believe in limited government and want to learn more about the wholly corrupt regime we live under.

Now, his presence on Fox News both helps and hurts this cause; being attached to Fox disqualifies him (according to some) for the two-fold reason that Fox is a corporate media outlet and for the basic reason that the network irrevocably damaged its reputation in the 2020 election. Foul play has always been suspected and Fox did not help assuage viewers as to whose side it was on. It now doesn’t help that shills like necon Sean Hannity promote war at every turn.

However, the network enables Tucker to enjoy both a big budget and an even bigger audience. The fact that every cable subscriber is capable of tuning in provides him with immediate reach and influence. The latter positive attributes outweigh, for now, the omnipresent former negatives.

Case in point: Tucker Carlson went scorched earth, eviscerated, shredded, demolished, embarrassed, exposed and did every other amazing verb against the simultaneously ignorant, stupid, aimless, and corrupt politician Miami-based Republican Maria Salazar for a full twenty minutes in his broadcast last night. 

It was truly a sight to behold. Most amazing was the fact that Salazar had nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

Watch below:


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