Fans Furious Over Disney’s Woke Reaction To Florida Bill Controversy

Disney has been a vocal opponent of the Sunshine State bill backed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, even as polls show the bill growing in popularity.

That hasn’t stopped critics from both sides of the aisle to slam the Mouse House over its activism against the bill or slow opposition to the bill.

Conservatives spoke out against Disney’s activism against the Parental Rights in Education bill while liberals, who dubbed the legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, criticized Disney for their political donations to politicians in the state who passed the bill.

“Canceled my Disney plus subscription today. Parents have EVERY right about their children’s education,” one commentator wrote on a Facebook video posted by Disney. “I do not like that Disney and some of its employees think they can force things on parents as well as miss represent a bill protecting young children.

“The company donated money to politicians behind the scene 5 million dollars in Florida. To enact a don’t say gay bill and now Disney has to have emergency meetings to try to stop it,” another commentator wrote in Disney’s Facebook reviews section. “Honestly. Disney ain’t no ally. They need there (sic) gay staff to revolt.”

“I’m torn…love the content but disappointed by Disney’s lack of courage and willingness to support the Don’t Say Gay bill in Florida. Bowing down to hatred and giving money to bigots in exchange for preferential treatment saddens me,” another reviewer wrote. “I love the content and was planning to delete my account but I’m torn as my nieces and nephews use my account.”

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