Texas AG Investigates LGBTQ ‘Indoctrination’ at Austin School District’s Pride Week.

Once again far-left social justice activists, who happened to be employed by the government, and have been entrusted by thousands of parents in Austin, Texas with their children’s safety and welfare, cross the line using high-pressure LGBTQ indoctrination techniques.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted “Pride Week” activities at the Austin Independent School District in a letter posted to Twitter, saying they constitute “human sexuality instruction” allowable only with parents’ consent. He also accused the district of participating in LGBTQ “indoctrination.”

Allegedly among the “Pride Week” activities are “Queer Eye” showings and “nail painting” parties at a district high school.

“Liberal school districts are aggressively pushing LGBTQ+ views on Texas kids! All behind parents’ backs! This is immoral and illegal,” Paxton added in a follow-up tweet. “I will work with and for parents to hold deceptive sexual propagandists and predators accountable.”

Paxton’s Tuesday letter noted that the district’s activities happening this week are “at best” an “instructional effort in human sexuality without parental consent” or “worse” the district is “cynically pushing … indoctrination of your students that … subtly cuts parents out of the loop. Either way you’re breaking the law.”

The attorney general added that he heard reports about “community circles” in which “sensitive topics” are discussed and that “students are encouraged to keep [them] confidential, presumably from parents.”

But Austin school officials pushed back, saying in a statement to the Austin American-Statesman that community circles are “confidential” in the sense that they make “students feel trusted and respected for their privacy when sharing in the conversations — it does not mean don’t tell your parents.”

Interestingly, a Libs of Tik Tok tweet said Doss Elementary’s instructions — after “parent and social media backlash” — were updated to reflect that teachers are to inform students they can tell parents about Pride Week activities:


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