Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Takes Aim At CNN

CNN just can’t get their act together. They are being called out again, by a famous liberal.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just accused CNN of attempting to create conflict during the Ferguson riots in 2014.

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From Newsmax:

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey on Monday accused CNN of creating “conflict” during the Ferguson, Missouri riots so that the cable news network could film it.

In 2014, racially charged protests flared in Ferguson following the fatal shooting of an unarmed Black teenager by a police officer.

In a Twitter string Monday, former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan said that she knew from covering events in her home country that “even CNN sometimes [sells] false news.”

Here is the tweet:

How long CNN will continue to exist has become more of a relevant question since former President Trump left office?

The problem for the former dominant 24-hour news network is it doesn’t have a business model expect for reporting false news about Trump, which doesn’t sell now that Biden is destroying the nation for even their leftist viewership.

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