Huge Group Of Trump Supporters “Greet” Joe Biden In New Hampshire – VIDEO

Until Donald J. Trump most activities dealing with national politics were found in Washington D.C. Protestors would make the journey to the White House to express their concerns.

Mr. Trump’s supporters, on the other hand, are confronting the declining man in the Oval Office, even at small events, in states like New Hampshire.

Joe Biden arrived in New Hampshire on Tuesday to speak at Portsmouth Harbor about infrastructure, where he was greeted by Trump supporters lining the road and holding signs that read “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Biden should buy my gas.”

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WMUR News 9 reported on the gathering, saying that the group was made up of people from New Hampshire as well as other New England states. They reported that the protestors “feel the country is heading in the wrong direction under the leadership of President Biden, especially when it comes to the economy and global affairs.”

Not only was he greeted by protestors, but the audience to hear him speak appeared almost nonexistent. Reporter Paul Feely shared a picture of the attendees in a Tweet, saying there were “many empty seats.”

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Once again we can see that President Trump’s supporters are still engaged, sleepy Joe’s have never been.

Yet somehow the left wants us to believe that basement Joe got 81 million votes just 18 months ago?

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