Majority Believe Joe Biden Is Involved With Hunter’s Corruption

Polling is an interesting part of American culture.

When conducted correctly, they can be useful for determining where the culture stands on issues and/or their views of politicians in or considering running for office.

According to Monday’s Harris poll, a majority of voters are pessimistic about the economy, their quality of life, and the job President Biden is doing.

Biden came in at a low 41% overall job approval number. The president’s lowest number was 38% when those polled were asked about Biden’s job in handling the economy. Their top concern for the nation was inflation at 33%

In what is a national embarrassment and should be a concern to the Bidens, a majority polled believe President Joe Biden has been involved in the corrupt Biden family business that has raked in millions of dollars.

Fifty-eight percent believe Joe Biden plays a role in his family’s business. Sixty percent say Hunter Biden, a key member of the family enterprise, was “selling influence and access” to Joe Biden.

The poll also found that 67 percent believe Joe Biden should be impeached if he “secretly participated and facilitated” in the family’s business.

A majority of voters (58 percent) additionally said Hunter’s laptop story is genuine, while 61 percent said he did not properly pay taxes.

The polling comes after emails and text messages revealed the Biden family was potentially involved in a racketeering scheme that earned the family members millions of dollars.

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