PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Every State Should Follow The Lead Of The Patriots In Arizona Where Yesterday Kari Lake and Mark Finchem Filed A Lawsuit To BAN ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES”

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake and Trump-endorsed candidate for AZ Secretary of State Mark Finchem recently filed a lawsuit against radical leftist Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and the corrupt Maricopa and Pima County Boards of Supervisors to ban the use of Voting Machines in the 2022 Elections.

The historic lawsuit seeks to prohibit the use of the corrupted machines “unless and until the electronic voting system is made open to the public and subjected to scientific analysis by objective experts to determine whether it is secure from manipulation or intrusion.” The lawsuit states, “The machine companies have consistently refused to do this.”

“Electronic voting machines cannot be deemed reliably secure and do not meet the constitutional and statutory mandates to guarantee a free and fair election,” Lake and Finchem argue.

Read the full document here

During a recent Save America rally in Ohio, President Trump urged every state to follow Arizona’s lead.

President Trump: Every state should follow the lead of the Patriots in Arizona where yesterday Kari Lake & Mark Finchem and others filed a lawsuit to ban electronic voting machines & replace them with a transparent hand count. Hand, hand, hand, hand count system! Paper! Paper, paper, paper! We don’t have to worry about signals being sent down from the sky.

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