Homeless encampment returns to affluent LA neighborhood after Hunter Biden moves out: ‘Venice became a tent city’

Hunter Biden’s former neighbors along the Venice Canals in Los Angeles, California, have noticed the return of a sizeable homeless encampment along their street since Biden moved away.

According to an exclusive report from the Daily Mail, people living in residences along the Venice Canals where Biden recently lived now report that the homeless “tent city” that lined their street before Biden’s arrival has returned again now that Secret Service personnel no longer remove the homeless from the area.

Local resident Ann McElhinney and her husband Phelim McAleer have made careful note of the changes in the homeless population before, during, and after Biden’s temporary stay.

“When Hunter moved into the neighborhood, his street was immediately cleared of the homeless,” McElhinney said. “The minute he moved up to Malibu, his old street in Venice became a tent city. How is this fair to Venice homeowners?

“It just shows how the Bidens truly live a different life from the rest of us,” she added.

Indeed, he does. The Daily Mail reports that Hunter rented the Venice Canals home for himself, his wife Melissa, and their son Beau for $25,000 a month. While the home is 3,700 square feet in size, it has just two bedrooms, both master suites. It also offers several private balconies overlooking the historic canal.

The arrival of Hunter and his family also meant a steady stream of Secret Service members into the area — as well as a mass exodus of homeless residents out of it. It is thought that the Secret Service either may have actively removed the homeless population from the street or deterred the homeless by their presence. 

“It could be a coincidence or the city had them removed because of Hunter,” longtime resident Rocky Otterstrom speculated to the Daily Mail last year. 

To make their jobs in the area easier, the Secret Service were eventually given their own rental along the canal. Though that rental cost taxpayers $30,000 a month, it did spare agents from spending long days in what Otterstrom described as “huge blacked-out GMCs” and relieving themselves in a port-a-potty placed on the street for their use.

That rental expense was short lived, however. Hunter and his family relocated to Malibu after just a few months along the canal, and they took their security detail with them. They remained in Malibu for only a year before moving on to the Hollywood Hills. Meanwhile, the homeless returned to the Venice area almost as soon as the Bidens and the Secret Service left.

McElhinney and McAleer are now producing a movie entitled “My Son Hunter,” which chronicles the many scandals with which Hunter has been associated. There is currently no word on when the movie will be released.


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