Biden’s Three Blunders During His Trip To Israel

President Biden frequently takes off for long weekends to his beach home in Deleware or heads overseas to meet with foreign leaders, allowing him to escape the mess he made at home and avoid the American press corps.

With inflation worsening, the Biden team Wednesday took off overseas for a Middle East tour, this time starting in Israel.

It did not take long for Joe to once again show the world that he is feeble, and in need of help to do even basic tasks.

Even though Biden’s handlers had 10+ hours of flight time to prepare him, Joe had to ask for directions, made a gaffe while discussing the Holocaust, and tried to shake hands without someone present.

The president was greeted by Yair Lapid, Israel’s interim prime minister, at Ben Gurion Airport alongside a handful of other delegates.

At one point, Biden asked the group, “What am I doing now?” Conservative pundit Benny Johnson observed, “Biden is so lost,” in reaction to his apparent state of confusion.

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