Al Gore Flips Out During Climate Change Discussion At Economic World Forum – Video

Former Vice President to Bill Clinton and climate activist Al Gore completely lost it again, this time with the video of his blow-up going viral.

The failed presidential candidate in 2000, was “unhinged”, going on a nutty rant during the World Economic Forum’s annual conference.

Gore became animated during his comments about climate change, waving his hands and raising his voice.

Gore first rose to popularity in the climate world when he launched a movie documenting global warming entitled “An Inconvenient Truth.” He then released an updated sequel to that film in 2017.

Ironically, his rant comes from the World Economic Forum in Davos, which is an annual meeting between business elites from around the world. People who rarely even care about the environment…

With 2023’s forum happening next week, campaigners are drawing attention to the glaring contradictions of attendees’ private jet use.

Attendees of last year’s annual meeting flew in and out of airports on 1,040 private jets serving the Swiss mountain resort, releasing four times the average weekly CO2 emissions from this highly polluting mode of travel.

Twitter users responded to Gores’ virtue signaling, data lacking spaz session.

Here is one of them:

“This is the new front. But haven’t refuges migrated to other lands forever due to changes in their local situation? And yes it was probably a hardship and yes some people died, but society continued to adjust and thrive.”

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