CA’s Draconian Gun Laws Don’t Work – 3 Mass Shootings, In 3 Days

Progressives in Democratic-controlled states and metro areas continue to pass extreme anti-gun legislation with California having more gun control than any other state in the Union.

Their 24-hour-a-day propaganda, and indoctrination via the media and school systems, promote the idea that more restrictions on gun ownership will reduce violence with guns.

But, even though cities like Chicago have led the way with heavy gun restrictions, the violence continues to increase.

In California where dozens of additional gun laws went into force on January 1st, there have been 3 mass shootings, over the past 3 days.

Eight people were shot, one fatally, in Oakland on Monday evening.

CBS News reported the Oakland incident occurred at a gas station, where there was “a shooting between several individuals.”

No victims were present when police arrived on the scene, then the officers learned “multiple” victims had self-transported or otherwise been taken to the hospital for treatment.

KTVU quoted Oakland Police Department’s Kim Armstead, saying, “Upon arrival, they located a shooting scene, they located casings, but no victims. Shortly thereafter, our communications division received notification of multiple gunshot wound victims, who self transported to local hospitals.”

The deceased individual was identified as 18-year-old Mario Navarro.

At least ten people were killed when 72-year-old Huu Can Tran allegedly opened fired at a Monterey Park Lunar Celebration Saturday night.

Seven others were killed Monday afternoon when 67-year-old Zhao Chunli allegedly opened fire on coworkers on two separate farms in Half Moon Bay.

The Lunar Celebration attack and the farm attacks were followed by the shooting in Oakland, which some witnesses said: “erupted during the filming of a music video.”


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