Great Reset: EU Gives Green Light for Use of Two Insect Species in Human Food

The World Economic Forums’ agenda includes phasing out the consumption of farm-raised animals by humans worldwide.

The European Union has approved two more species of insect to be used as food for humans.

Starting on Tuesday, a powdered form of Acheta domesticus — better known as the house cricket — will be given the green light for human consumption within the European Union, documents from the body have confirmed.

This is soon to be followed by further approval for the sale and consumption of the larval form of Alphitobius diaperionus — also known as the lesser mealworm — which will be given the green light for human consumption in frozen, paste, dried and powder forms within the European Union later this week.

The new insect-based products for human consumption represent the latest push by the European Union to normalize the consumption of bugs through legislation, with many bigwigs from a variety of organizations pushing insects as food items for both economic and environmental reasons in recent years.

In a press release confirming the approval of the insect products, the EU emphasizes that while it is “up to consumers to decide whether they want to eat insects or not”, the bug-based food can serve as an “alternate source of protein”, with the bloc being keen the emphasize that many bugs are already eaten in other parts of the world.

“Food safety is the top priority for the commission,” Der Spiegel reports a spokesman for the European Commission in relation to the approval.

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