Home Depot Co-Founder Warns of “Woke Generation’s” Impact On Economy

The co-founder of the home improvement retail store Home Depot has recently given his opinion of the political leanings of our younger generations in America.  The business leader claims they are ignoring the “bottom line” of the economy.

Bernie Marcus was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1929 to Russian Jewish immigrant parents.  He co-founded The Home Depot in 1978 with his business partner Arthur Blank.  Marcus recently appeared on Fox News’ “Varney & Co.” where he addressed some of the issues we are seeing today.”

“I certainly don’t want to see the woke generation coming up, especially the leaders. I’m watching Davos, what happened in Davos, and they’re recommending spending more money on climate control when we don’t have it. We’ve already overspent. And if anything, climate control has caused most of the problems we have today.”

“I think we need to move on. For both parties, it’s a next generation of leaders. I think it’s important that, particularly on the Republican side, we’ve had a series of four losses in a row,” Schwarzman said in an interview with Bloomberg in Davos. “I think the public has spoken and would like to see a change.”

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