WATCH: Trump Releases Hilarious Videos Mocking “Washington Compost,” “Stupid and Corrupt” CNN

Former President Donald Trump just released some hilarious videos about the fake news media, videos that show he’s back to his old self and getting back in the groove of taking the fight to the left and its allies with mockery.

In the videos, posted to his campaign’s “War Room” Twitter account, Trump mocks the fake news industry collectively, and certain companies (such as CNN and the Washington Post) specifically, using humor to show how badly they’re doing and why no one trusts them anymore.

In one video, for example, Trump shreds all of the “fake news media” collectively while trotting out some hilarious nicknames for them, saying:

The fake news media like CNN, MSDNC – which is sometimes referred to as MSNBC –the Washington Compost – which is sometimes referred to as the Washington Post – and the failing New York Times are doing really, really badly and closing up shop all over the place.

Watch that video here:

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