New Dystopian Bill Will Allow Prisoners To Donate Organs For Less Prison Time

The left has abanded God, family, and science resulting in a dark, dystopian future for humanity.

Their depressing future is featured in most of their new movies and books.

Like China, an interest in organ harvesting is growing in the US.

A new bill introduced by Democrat Representatives in Massachusetts would allow prisoners incarcerated in the state to donate their organs or bone marrow in exchange for less prison time.

Bill HD3822, introduced by Democrat Representatives Carlos González and Judith García, aims to create a new organ donation program in the state that would allow prisoners to donate their bone marrow, kidney, liver, or other organs in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Per the Bill, incarcerated individuals would receive between a 60 to 365 days reduction from their sentence in exchange for their organs.

Ethics experts say it’s exploitative.

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