‘To Abolish Whiteness Is To Abolish White People’ College Lecture Goes Viral – Videos

video clip that reportedly shows the University of California, Berkeley, Professor Zeus Leonardo saying that “to abolish Whiteness is to abolish White people” is currently going viral. 

The viral clip appears to come from a 2007 lecture titled “Teaching Whiteness in a Multicultural Context and Color-blind Era” in which the professor asked the rhetorical question, “Is it worth it to be White anymore?”

During the lecture, he argued that since White people “depend” on “Whiteness,” if the latter is undercut or abolished, then the entire concept of “White people” is erased. 

The California professor previously came under fire for allegedly making similar remarks when teaching a Whiteness Studies course, namely that “white people are born human” and that they have to be “abused” into becoming White.

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