Chino Valley, CA School Board President Institutes Pro-Parent Policy – Left Threatens to Dismember Her

Disagree with the left? Be prepared to be attacked, and keep in mind it may not just be the usual online nastiness. Sonja Shaw is the head of the Chino Valley School Board.

She reached out to parents and instituted a  policy for the board that requires teachers to advise the parents if their child appears to be moving toward transgender identities. As soon as the policy went public, she started getting death threats, some of which threatened to dismember her and kill her pets.

“The next morning, our district got a phone call” from an anonymous caller threatening “to kill me, and they said that they were going to dismember” school board president Sonja Shaw, the official revealed on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” Monday. Police alerted Shaw to the threat shortly before a previous interview on the show, last Friday.

Then Shaw looked at her district email account, where she said she saw messages stating, “You’re going to die,” with a series of profane epithets. “Your children are going to die and your animals are going to die.” For a “point of reference, they would name what kind of animals I had,” Shaw added.

“I also got notification that people who identify as being in the terrorist organization Antifa posted on their website, ‘We declare war on Sonja Shaw,’” Shaw told Perkins, adding that the group posted her address. “They said, ‘We know where you sleep,’” the same message an angry mob screamed outside the home of Tucker Carlson in 2018. “They said things like, ‘Use all force possible to stop her.’” The Washington Stand

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