“Should Be Ashamed of Themselves” – Arizona Republicans Get Caught – Rebuke Trump and Change Rules on Precinct Committeemen

This was too much for some Republican elites.
On Thursday Arizona lawmakers came together to pass an “emergency bill” radically altering how the precinct committeemen will be selected in the state.

The Tennessee Star reported:

In a shocking demonstration of bipartisan unity and dispatch, an emergency bill radically altering party precinct representation was filed, passed both GOP-controlled legislative chambers and was signed by Republican Governor Douglas A. Ducey Jr., all on Thursday.

The new law is a direct assault on the Precinct Strategy, which encourages conservative voters to get involved in their local Republican Party by becoming precinct committeemen, said Daniel Schultz, author of the 2017 book “How to Get Into the Real Ball Game of Politics Where You Live to Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again” and the creator of the strategy.

The bill, sponsored by House Speaker Russell “Rusty” Bower (R.-25th District), House Bill 2839, eliminates the ratio of the precinct committeemen from one for every 125 voters registered in a party to one precinct committeeman for every precinct regardless of the number of voters registered in a party, Schultz said.

The bill also changed the precinct committeeman position from an elected position to one appointed by the party’s county chairman, said the former Army military intelligence officer, who finished his service with the rank of major.

In the state House, the bill passed with 58 voting in favor, none opposed, and two not voting. In the state Senate, the bill passed with 27 votes in favor, none opposed, and three not voting.

On Monday morning Steve Bannon reported on this shocking development on The War Room.

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