Black Cop Punches Unruly, Unlawful Black Protestor In The Face After She Touches Him

The left and their military outfit Black Lives Matter can’t and won’t do anything about this one. Unlike their bread-and-butter propaganda of going all-in with every white cop, black victim story, when the skin color of a person changes suddenly they go silent.

It’s almost as if they didn’t care about supposed police brutality. Only profiteering off white guilt and getting those sweet Ben Crump paydays.

In a “protest” for a deceased man from last year who was killed by police after having a taser deployed on him, the wash-rinse-repeat domestic terrorists blocked major roadways and refused to comply with legal, lawful commands from police.

Journalist Andy Ngo narrated a few still shots of the altercation:

“The cinematic photo of #BLM protester Vuestro Merced getting punched by a Wilkinsburg officer after trying to stop an arrest has gone viral. Merced was quickly released from jail & people are using the incident to fundraise cash for the militant activist.”

Well, I don’t think she will be challenging any more police in the near future.

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